Ładne Historie Foundation is a non-governmental organization established as a result of long-term cooperation of a non-associated group of artists, curators, activists and cultural promoters.

The strategic goal of the Foundation is to organize and produce interdisciplinary projects and events, create changes in the way of thinking about cultural education and tools for its implementation, and finally promote effective cooperation between cultural and art operators on many levels and in various places in Poland. We want to promote culture and contemporary art with the use of tools available to the widest audience possible, and our activities are not limited to one-time actions, but are based on long-lasting, long-term work aimed at building a network of partnerships at the national level, audience development and activating potential participants in our projects. We invite young Polish artists, activists and designers, theoreticians and cultural researchers, as well as local leaders to cooperate with us.

Our profile consists in organizing artistic and socially-engaged events, through which we want to strengthen the need for cultural involvement among local communities, and thus build a sense of identity with art coming from Polish cities – art that speaks about us, close to our problems and topics.

While designing and planning subsequent activities of the Foundation, we assume that they will contribute to the improvement of accessibility, diversity and innovativeness of the cultural offer in Poland. We are convinced that artistic activities and cultural education are aimed not only at integrating the community, but also at improving the quality of its functioning. Understanding them as a tool for possible positive social change, we want to co-create new phenomena in young Polish culture.

About us

We create by telling nice stories.

Maria Zięba

Co-founder and president of the Ładne Historie Foundation. Fundraiser, cultural animator, advisor to non-governmental organizations. She works on artistic and social projects. Out of love for people and for the Lower Silesia region, she creates projects that allow others to develop, learn, meet and admire.

Krzysztof Bielaszka

Coordinator of the international projects in the Strefa Kultury Wrocław municipal institution of culture, coordinator of the long-term programmes: AIR Wro and Cultural Practitioners, “AIR Wro Talks” and “Miasto i Kultura” conferences, as well as for projects implemented in cooperation with local and regional NGO’s. Manager and promoter of culture, producer and curator, actively involved in creating communication strategies and making culture available.

Ala Kania

Social media specialist, involved in various cultural projects. A long-time collaborator of the Wrocławska Fundacja Filmowa, in which she was actively supporting the Międzynarodowy Festiwal Filmowy „Okiem Młodych” in Świdnica, movie series for foreigners in Wrocław – “Polish Cinema for Beginners”, MIASTOmovie and SPEKTRUM film festivals. She has also worked on many festivals and events in Wrocław, including Millennium Docs Against Gravity, Brave Festival, the “Wielkie Żarcie” conference and the Miasto Przyszłości/Labolatorium Wrocław programme.

Marcin Trzpiot

Producer and photographer. A graduate of pedagogical studies in Legnica and AFA School of Photography in Wrocław. Member of the Nowinart Photographic Association and the Polish Obscura Photographic Group. He specializes in traditional and polaroid photography.

Weronika Zięba-Połczyńska

Mother of two: Nina (8 years old) and Antoni (4 years old). She graduated from the first degree of Pedagogy and Educational Pedagogy and works as an animator of prophylactic programmes in the after school classes. In the foundation, above other tasks, she coordinates the „Lato na podwórku” project, as working with children brings her a lot of joy and satisfaction, since it’s her primar hobby.


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