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For four years now, as part of the „Lato na podwórku” („Summer in the backyard”) project, we have been spending holidays with children in three yards in Świdnica, where the need for educational and animation activities is most apparent. This is our idea of how to help children with the common problem with establishing relationships, as well as a way to inspire and stimulate the development of their skills and talents. We use the context of the courtyard as a common space with a great potential for integration of the residents. As part of the project, free animations and educational activities are held in selected backyards in Świdnica during the whole summer holidays, conducted by an experienced team of teachers, educators and cultural animators.

In 2019, we implemented regular preventive, animation and educational activities in five courtyards in Świdnica:

  • Square in Teatralna and Mennicka Streets;
  • The courtyard on Gdyńska Street;
  • The courtyard at Kopernika and Okrężna Streets.
  • The courtyard on the Zawiszów estate (next to Primary School No. 1);
  • The courtyard on the Young people’s estate (next to the tennis court).

The project is co-financed from the funds coming from the fees for the sale of alcohol within the framework of the tasks of the Programme for Prevention and Solving Alcohol and Drug Addiction in the City of Świdnica for 2018.

The project was co-financed by the Wawel and Family Foundation.

The project was subsidized by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland. 

The partner of the project is the Smartwork Employment Agency.

Ensuring own contributions to the projects and the implementation of activities in the two new courtyards is possible thanks to contributions from people supporting us in the framework of online and public collection into cans, thank you very much!

We will be back in the summer with new activities.
See you in June 2020!

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